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New Big Data Regulation In Europe

Big data is one of the most growing industry, at least it has been in the last few years, it has potential future for almost every industry that you can name of, however, internet and Data Security and how it is governed has many draw backs specially private issues including harvesting consumer data online.
Internet users are not regular internet users any more just like old days, infect they become an important products which some Organisations make million of dollars over what we do or store online.

So, on 25/05/2018, Eu countries introduced new rule which will protect consumer data online, named General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), which will give customers rights to know who is using their data and under what circumstances, in other words, no company would be allowed to use any consumer or personnel data on the internet without asking permission for consumers, whether they can use their data.

Even though it,s an early stage to speculate how this operation is going to effect the culture of our data on the net, yet many believe it is very complex task to monitor and protect the rights of how big data industry will operate under this new rule, and who is going to benefit from it the most.
Never the less, this GDPR act will bring some kind of strength over time to the industry and it's associates.

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